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Protect Yourself

Mental defense

Don’t ignore your mind. It is as important as your body. If something is bothering you have to learn to deal with it and find solutions. All you need to do is avoid the person that is causing you distress and do not think about it. You need to know how to block out and ignore the comments, texts, messages, posts or whatever it is that bothers you.

To gain mental strength

  1. You can take some deep breaths to calm yourself down
  2. Learn to meditate and relax yourself. Close your eyes and focus on your mind, let go of all the negative thoughts and try to surround yourself with positive energy.
  3. Pick up a hobby. Do something that you enjoy, like listening to music, cooking, exercising, swimming, engage your mind and stay idle.
But sometimes, when we are excited for something that is about to happen, you get anxious. This anxiety becomes stress, but this type of stress is not bad, this type of stress is actually good stress which psychologists call “eustress”. Good stress only comes when you are excited for something to happen like a birthday party or a roller coaster. If you get the normal bad stress, you could become tired and a little sick in some instances.